Peeled pine nut Cedar

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Pine nut Cedar. Nuts without shell. High quality!
Very fresh pine nuts! Compiled in 2017.
Nut assembled in a clean area of Siberia – Altai mountains!
Nut assembled away from the roads, factories and any objects which may contaminate the environment!

Eating delicious nuts will benefit every system and organ. Cedar nut kernels will be especially useful in the following disorders: disorders of the endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous system; liver disease; arthritis, rheumatism, other diseases of the joints; disorders of energy metabolism; atherosclerosis; anemia (anemia); diabetes. The use of kernels is allowed in any form: as an additive to porridge, as a delicious independent meal, in the form of an alcohol tincture for internal, external use. Treatment of pine nuts in any form has proven its effectiveness in the problems of gynecology, hypertension, allergies and others. For medicinal purposes, even used the cedar oil and the seed cake which remains after pressing the seeds extracted from the cones of the Northern wood.


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